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Centre Logo Hallett Cove LAC 2020/21


Hallett Cove R-12 School 32/2 Gledsdale Rd
Hallett Cove


Adam Ireson


Competition Dates

09 Oct 2020 First Meet
16 Oct 2020 1st Come , Try
23 Oct 2020 Meet 3
30 Oct 2020 Meet 4

Fee Overview

Product Ages Fees
Full Season 4 - 18 $40.00 - $135.00
Come & Try 4 - 17 $88.00 - $88.00
* fees and other charges may apply

Events Offered

Long Jump Attendance High Jump Triple Jump Discus 1.5kg Discus Discus 1kg Discus 350g Discus 500g Discus 750g Javelin Javelin 400g Javelin 500g Javelin 600g Javelin 700g Shot 1.5kg Shot 1kg Shot 2kg Shot 3kg Shot 4kg Shot 5kg Shot Put Vortex 300m 400m 500m 700m 800m 1500m 60m Hurdles 80m Hurdles 90m Hurdles 100m Hurdles 200m Hurdles 300m Hurdles 50m Mini Hurdles 60m Mini Hurdles 50m 70m 100m 200m 700m Walk 1100m Walk 1500m Walk
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